There are several ways to create a page on XWiki. Please find below all available ways

Using the Create formular

First, click on the create icon:


Then you will see this screen:


Here, you can set a title and select the type of document you want to create.

Using the Create a page panel / space


To have the Create a page / space panel set, make sure that it has been activated inside the administation of the wiki.

Using the Editor

When editing a page, you can add a link to an existing page (and can even find it using the search function inside the pop-up) or to a page that does not exist yet.

Rich Editor (WYSIWYG)

In the rich editor, follow the following steps :

  • Edit the page in which you want to create a link to the new page
  • Type your text. Eg: Check here how to add a customer to the CRM
  • Select the text that will become a link
  • Click on "Wiki page"


  • Click on "Add new page (in current space)"


  • Type the title of the page (this is the one in the URL of the new page)


  • Click "Select"

Now the link to the new page is inserted. You can click on "Save & View". You'll see a "?" next to the link because the page does not exist yet. You or any other member of the wiki can click on it in order to create the page and start adding content.

Wiki Editor

Using wiki editor, you just have to use wiki link syntax. The syntax is [[label of my link>>wiki:space.title]]. Most of the time you don't have to specify the "wiki" part because the link is on the current wiki. Therfore it becomes

[[label of my link>>space.title]]

You can check XWiki syntax help page for further details.

By Directly hitting the page (Not recommanded / advanced)

That is not recommanded because the page will not have any parent set and will be therefore an orphan page, more difficult to find.

Created by Thibaut Camberlin on 2010/06/07 16:32

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